Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just One Of Those Days

  Today is just one of those days where nothing is going right, people are in super "touchy" moods and anything that could go wrong probably will.  It didn't start out so bad.  Woke up like usual, way earlier than the rest of the family at about 6 am.  Watched some TV on the computer, had some breakfast enjoyed the blissful and yet oh so seldom moments of silence.
Then my youngest sister wakes up and she's off to volunteer at a program for senior citizens.  Not so awful, except she is quite an intense person by nature so she tends to kick my nerves into high gear.  So as I was feeding all the dogs I noticed that my mom's dog couldn't move and when he did finally make it into his kennel it was as if his whole back end had been paralyzed.
   So, now there is something wrong with the dog and it isn't even 9 am yet.  Dad drops Youngest sis off comes back we keep an eye on the pooch.  I try to get some laundry ready to get checked for stains before I put in for washing.  Can I find the things I really need washed?  Of course not!  But I'm sure you knew that was going to be my answer.
  My mom wakes up and asks me whats wrong with her dog.  She has a hard time dealing with intensity when she first gets up, like I do.  So I try to think of a way to downplay the situation.  Can't come up with any so I tell her the truth.  But, this is too much for her after not getting enough sleep and so I have upset her now.    Now I am in the dog house for saying too much when she first woke up.  I was waiting for her to wake up to do laundry because she had my lingerie bags in her room.  Now, I can't even go in her room.  So no laundry today!  And I really needed it too.
   Having a day like today reminds me of that kids book: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst.  It's just one of those special books from childhood that has stuck with me.  I suggest to anyone who hasn't read it to read it.  We all have an Alexander day from time to time.

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