Monday, May 7, 2012

Beauty In The Rough

  You can look at life 2 ways - glass half full or glass half empty.  For the first few years all I could see was the glass half empty.  Didn't matter how wonderful anything was around me it was always awful.  I couldn't even enjoy Christmas.
  It took a long time for me to notice how beautiful the world still is.  There are fabulous people and amazing new ways to look at things.  Yes, I am still in the same amount of pain that I was in the day before but today I can appreciate being alive.  It was a hard road to get there, I'm not saying it happened overnight.  But, the end result is I'm happier, and easier to be around if you ask my family.
  Which brings me to today.  I have more pain in my body than usual.  My usual RSD pain which is in my abdomen and leg are flared up, I have a bad migraine, my neck is killing me from the bad angle I slept in last night and I have TMJ pain! But today the sun is shining, the temperature is just perfect,it's a fabulous day!  I just got the dragon I have been trying for for MONTHS on a game called Dragon Vale!  Simple but beautiful joys!  I'm looking for a fabulous going away present for my friend.  It's a good day.  And since we get so few absolutely perfect days like today here where I live I'm going to go outside and enjoy it!

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