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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today Is A Good Day!

  When I was first diagnosed with RSD I found someone to sit with me as I cried, to lay down beside me all those sleepless nights and to boost my spirits when I was down in the dumps.  I found Riley.  Or maybe he found me.  I'm not really sure about that part.  But he has truly been the most fabulous blessing in my life.
  His former owner trained him to hate men because she lived alone.  My dad had to meet him first since it was quite a distance between our 2 homes.  When he walked into the room Riley was in Riley walked right over to him and jumped up on his hind legs to say hello.  Ever since Riley has had a very close bond with my dad as well as myself.  He follows me everywhere I go, when I leave the house he greets me with a welcome home you would think I had been gone for 2 months not 2 minutes. He never sleeps in his kennel.  He's my baby.
  Well my baby has a lot of health problems too.  He's had a couple seizures, and a few cysts on the skin, some dental problems and some back pain.  Which now I have gotten to the point of my post.  The other day I heard my little dog cry out in pain.  I tried to find the source of the pain and found it was his back that hurt.  Of course I was a wreck.. So I took care of him made sure he didn't do any jumping of any kind.  I waited and watched ( not so patiently ).  And he got better!
  He's jumping again and he ever made it on my own bed!!!!  It's so wonderful  to have my puppy feeling better.  A small joy to some but a great big day of happiness for me!

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