Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Simple Joys

  Today I FINALLY got my new bed!  I've been using a hospital bed for the past few years and for the past year and a half or so every night as I try to sleep I feel like I'm rolling down a hill.  My bed broke in such a way so that the side that doesn't face the wall slants towards the floor.
  So, I started the many, many, many, many, many, many phone calls to get a new bed.  I had to call the medical company who provided me with the bed, then they had to have someone come out, then they had to run some paperwork through and I should be able to get my bad.  But wait, no one told me after weeks of waiting for the next call that I was supposed to call my DR and get them to fax over a prescription?  I've had the bed for years.  This makes no sense to me at all. After what felt like the longest eternity of just a couple weeks I called again and they told me that it was STILL not ready but they were just going to send it out to me and just continue  battling the paperwork.
  Which now brings me to my happy day!! No more rolling out of bed!  My life has such pain and anger in it that wherever and however I find even one moment of happiness in my life I grab it and hold on tight.  Live for each happy moment.  Even a small happy is a good happy.                          

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