Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Crazy Week!

    Tuesday I had an opportunity to go out to lunch and catch up with an old friend of mine.  We went to the deli grabbed some sandwiches and drinks and went out to an overlook over the ocean.  It was so serene.  It was a much needed peaceful out of the time.  We caught up about all the usuals: boyfriends, jobs, 4th of July plans, memories.  It was a really lovely visit.   I met her while I was working at the department store job right before I became disabled.  She is my only friend from work I still talk to and my only friend from before becoming disabled.  It's so nice to have a friend who stuck around this long.
    Wednesday was the 4th of July and what I thought was going to be a nice quiet day at home, maybe catch up on my blog turned out to be anything but.  I was just hanging out, doing my walking going through my day and my dad says to me he's taking a half hour nap and then we have a barbecue to go to.  I was stunned, no one said anything to me.  But apparently my dad's friend throwing the barbecue didn't have many guests so we went to increase the guest list by a couple people.  It was fun and just gorgeous weather.  I actually knew a couple people there ( there were only half a dozen total ) so I wasn't bored.  Then we got home and I was just relaxing when I hear about another 4th party we're going to after dark this time!  So we ate dinner and went over.  The people whose house we went to are good friends I enjoy hanging out, watching movies and taking blogs with the wife when I can.  So we get over there and it's all a pyrotechnics dream come true!  There are fireworks all over the place.  My dad did his usual fantastic little ground flower show.  He likes to make a couple circles made up of the ground blooms pour gun powder over it make a gun powder trail long enough to light it and then ACTION!  Crazy little balls of color skittering all across the road.  
    Friday we had a good friend come over to cut every one's hair except mine because I already have a hair stylist.  So we of course had to get the entire house picked up for this because that's just the kind of house I live in.  Messy within 2 seconds of cleaning.  It was a nice visit with her as she cut every one's hair.
    Then Saturday rolls around and I find out I have a wedding to go to!  So thankfully I have something to wear and I had a shower the day before.  I get there and I know nobody, It was a lovely ceremony and the venue was beautiful.  It was a nice time all in all but in the beginning of the reception I had a hard time handing my emotions.  I was having a panic attack and just all over the place emotions wise.  But it got better and turned out to be kind of fun.
    That was my crazy week!  I hope it slows down a bit so I can focus on my walking more and getting ready for my trip to the Dr in San Francisco.  Talk soon.

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