Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Couple Weeks In Review

    First off I'm so very very sorry for my lapse in between posts. Secondly, I have a lot of catching up to do.  I have been really busy with getting ready for my trip to San Francisco, getting ready to go back to school and now working on a speech for church.
    San Francisco was not the best trip I've had but it was okay.  My dad was in pain and cranky the first day and I was in more pain and cranky the second.  We did have a nice time in between.  We went to the Doctor and he was for once not a complete ass.  He listened,pretty well, and he actually said he was "proud of me" for the weight that I have lost.  Of course he had to wait until it was just himself and the nurse in his office and then have his nurse come out and tell me.  But, there has now been some progress.  I just don't understand what was so hard about telling me himself?  But, a compliment is a compliment.  The rest of the trip was fun.  We went to our favorite record store and traded some old CD's and DVDs for new ones.  Then we checked into a truly bizarre hotel.  The next day we got to eat at IHOP my favorite restaurant.  And on our way home we stopped in and had a visit with my best friend who moved away last month.  All, in all it was a good trip.  They end so fast though.
    I have been trying to get into our local university, get all the information, all my little ducks in a row.  Last week after I got back from my trip I went to the university to get all the information.  Turns out all those years at our local junior college really paid off!  I somehow have enough credits for a BA!!  That is just crazy!  I thought I would maybe have to even take a class or two to get ready to go to the university.  But, oh no!  In fact the advisor was like whoa, slow down, you have exceeded the number of needed units by almost 3 times!!!!  It's nice to know I have achieved something in this lifetime besides years of pain, and patience.  I'm going to try and sign up for the spring 2013 semester.  I'm going to get a master's degree in Social work and go into the field of medical social work.  I have a lot of expertise in this area thanks to all the years with RSD.  It's nice to have a plan going.  I just hope I can get the money.

    Next week I'm going to be sharing my story with my church.  The pastor asked if I would like to and I said yes.  It has been something I've known about for awhile.  I just didn't know the date.  I'm going to share what RSD is and how it has affected my life, how it has affected my spiritual life, and where do I see myself in the future.  It will be fairly short just 3 to 5 minutes.  But, it is going to be really exciting.  I'm so happy I can finally get my chance to do this!  I hate public speaking, hate it!  But, this speaking engagement just seems exciting more than scary.  Hopefully it will stay that way until I'm done speaking of course.  
    So, now you are all caught up again.  I really promise this time to be better at keeping up with blogging.  All the excitement has died down now.  Of course when you say that it starts back up again.  Thank you all who have stuck with me!  Keep coming back!  I will too!

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