Friday, August 10, 2012

Speaking Out, Moving Out, And Oh Yeah That Pesky Wasp Nest

    I'm really sorry I haven't been keeping up.  I know I keep promising and then keep breaking that promise.  So, I'm not going to promise this time.  Maybe that way I just might start writing every day.  Reverse psychology, worth a shot.  
    So, I read my story in front of church.  It was one of the scariest things I have ever done in my entire life.  But it was also one of the most wonderful and exciting times in my life too!  I had only read through it once and was completely terrified to be in front of all those people but I pulled it off, I actually started crying a little.  It was just an amazing experience!
    That same weekend we discovered that the mysterious scratching sound I was hearing in the living room ceiling was a lovely hive of yellow jackets!  We now have a hole in our ceiling almost a foot long in any directions from where they have chewed their way through.  So far we have had 2 exterminators to visit.  The first one sprayed a little bit of chrysanthemum flower on the outside hole, fat lot of good that did!  The second exterminator was allergic to bees!  What kind of idiot takes a job like that when you have that kind of problem?.
    My youngest sister has finally moved out!  Yay!!  It's so quiet, and clean.  Things are completely drama free!  It's really nice having it be just the three of us.  So, that's my life lately.

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